We are a family owned and operated company. Jeff, Shelly, Kaylen, Jack and Sam are all glad that you found our store.

We have been pool owners for over 20 years and went through multiple pool cleaning companies during this time. They were all the same...they would clean our pool once a week, but they were inconsistent with cleaning and keeping the chemicals balanced. The chemicals would wear off after 3 or 4 days and we would get algae. During the hot Arizona summer, our pool would often be green and un-swimmable.

So, we started maintaining our pool ourselves. We did a lot of research regarding the right chemical combination as well as the best (cheapest) place to buy chlorine tabs, chlorine shock, and algaecide.  

One day, while scouring the internet, I stumbled on a product that promised to keep algae out of my pool without expensive chlorine shock every week. I was intrigued, but thought it was too good to be true. Well, I bought a product online for several hundred dollars and put it in my pool. I made sure that the pool was already clean and algae free with 1-2 ppm of chlorine. This was during hot summer days in Arizona where temperatures are 100-110 degrees every day. All I put in my pool was this ion device and a regular floater with 2 chlorine tabs. After one week, the chlorine level was still .5-1ppm and there was NO SIGN of algae. I was amazed. So, I adjusted the chlorine by putting 3 chlorine tabs in the floater each week. That's it! I never put any other chemicals in our pool now and we are algae free. 2019 Update: After 3 full summers, I still have not shocked the pool. Amazing!

I couldn't understand why I had not heard of this device before. My wife reminded me that pool supply companies would NEVER promote such a product because they make their money by selling chemicals to repeat customers. Since pool supply companies dominate the information found on the internet related to pools, I was lucky to have stumbled onto this product.

After our personal experience, we decided to take the journey to research, test and find a manufacturer to build the best affordable Solar Pool Ionizer possible......our No More Green Original Solar Pool Ionizer was born. Since then, we have added additional pool related items and we are currently in the research and development stage for two new products set to launch in 2020. So, please come back and check them out.

Jeff (owner)