ATTENTION: If you are currently running a 12V system you will need to disconnect your current transformer and use the included transformer control box when hooking up this light. We recommend using a licensed electrician for installation.


Installation of the mounting bracket depends on the size of your pool/spa light opening or if you have an existing niche.



STEP 1 Remove the mounting bracket from the back of the light by unscrewing the set screw and releasing the bracket from the bottom hinge.

STEP 2 Attach the mounting bracket to either your existing niche or pool/spa wall. See Option 1 or 2 above.

STEP 3 Carefully work the silicone ring around the edge of the light. NOTE: Light and silicone ring must be dry before applying the ring to prevent it from falling off when submerged.

STEP 4 Run the power cable through the opening in pool/spa wall or through the back of the niche to the surface where your pool light switch box is located.

STEP 5 Submerge the light and reattach the bottom of the light to the hinge at the bottom of the light bracket. Tilt the light upwards and secure it to the top of the light bracket with the set screw.



You can hook up two smart lights to one control box. This will allow you to control both lights simultaneously from the Life-Bulb app on your smartphone. DO NOT hook up more than two lights to one control box. This will cause an overload to the circuitry.

When hooking up a smart pool and spa light into one control box you will need to use the control box that came with your pool light. DO NOT use the control box that came with your smart spa light. Reason being is the spa light control box is designed to operate a 15W spa light. The Smart pool light is 40W. Therefore the spa control box will not provide enough power to run the pool light.

Also, when hooking up a pool light and spa light to the pool control box, the yellow wire on the spa light connects with the two brown wires on the pool light and control box and the green wire on the spa light connects with the green/yellow striped wires on the pool light and control box. See illustration below under POOL and SPA LIGHT WIRE CONNECTIONS.

STEP 1 Turn off the circuit breaker to the pool/spa light switch box. Place a non-contact voltage tester against the switch box to verify no power is present.

STEP 2 Disconnect and remove your existing pool/spa light fixture, if applicable.

STEP 3 Refer to the LIGHT MOUNTING OPTIONS above to install the light. After completing the install, continue to step 4.

STEP 4 See FIGURE 1. Run the cable from the light and the bottom cable from the Smart Light Control box through 3/4" plastic conduit to an outdoor junction box. Match each colored wire as shown below in FIGURE 2 for either your pool light or spa light and secure with wire nuts. Run the top cable from the Smart Light Control System  through 3/4" plastic conduit and connect to the 110V - 230V power source FIGURE 3. NOTE: Secure the conduit to the Smart Light Control box and junction box by inserting each end of the conduit into the top and bottom connectors on the boxes. Seal all conduit connections with silicone to prevent water from getting inside. CAUTION: If you do not use conduit (not recommended) you must seal the open holes on the top and bottom of the Smart Light Control box and junction box to prevent moisture, debris and insects from getting inside which will cause damage to the circuitry.




STEP 5 Mount the junction box and control box to the wall. The control box can be mounted sideways if necessary. NOTE: If the control box is over 50 feet from the Wi-Fi router an extender may be needed to enhance the signal.

STEP 6 Turn on the circuit breaker and then turn on the light. Once the light is on, proceed to the “DOWNLOADING THE APP AND SYNCING THE LIGHT” instructions below.



Scan one of the QR codes below with your smart phone camera to download the Life-Bulb app.

Follow these steps to use the app and sync the light. Note: Both your smart phone and Smart Light Control System box need to be within Wi-Fi range to pick up the signal. If your router is greater than 50 feet  from the control box you may need a Wi-Fi extender to expand the signal.

STEP 1 Download the Life-Bulb app and then open it. Choose when to allow
Notifications and Agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

STEP 2 Tap sign-up to register.

STEP 3 Enter your email address, check agree to privacy policy and user agreement, tap Get Verification Code.

STEP 4 Enter the verification code that was sent to your email address.

STEP 5 Set your password then tap done.

STEP 6 Tap “Allow” when you see “Life-Bulb would like to find and connect
to devices on your local network”.

STEP 7 Tap “Continue” when you see “Life-Bulb app is requesting the
following access permissions”.

STEP 8 Tap “OK” when you see “Life-Bulb Would Like to Use Bluetooth”.

STEP 9 IMPORTANT - The app will show “Add Device” but before doing so you need to have the light in pairing mode. To set the light to pairing mode, turn the switch controlling power to the light OFF and ON three (3) times. The light will turn white and begin to flash. Once it is in pairing mode, tap “Add Device”. NOTE: Once the light begins flashing, you will have about 1 minute to pair the light. If the light stops flashing and turns solid before it is paired, you will have to repeat the OFF and ON process until the light starts to flash again. Then proceed with adding the device.

STEP 10 Tap “Continue” when you see “Life-Bulb app is requesting the following access permissions”.

STEP 11 Tap “Allow While Using App” when you see “Allow Life-Bulb to use your location”

STEP 12 Tap “Add” to add device

STEP 13 Enter your Wi-Fi information and tap “Next”. NOTE: Please be sure your wi-fi router password is correct. The app will still try to connect the device even with an incorrect password but after a minute or so you will receive a "device adding timeout" message. You will not receive an "incorrect" password notification if entered incorrectly.

STEP 14 You will see the device being added. Once added successfully tap “Done”



LIGHT WILL NOT CONNECT TO WI-FI - Both your smart phone and Smart Light Control System box need to be within Wi-Fi range. If you receive one of the below messages, your control box and/or smart phone is too far away from your router and is not picking up your Wi-Fi signal. Since the control box is now mounted to the wall you will need to move the router closer to your control box until it detects the light (device). If you are unable to move the router closer you will need to add a Wi-Fi extender or Mesh Network to expand the Wi-Fi signal.

1) “Network is unavailable, please check the network”

2) ” Life-Bulb” is not showing up on the app

3) “Device Adding Timeout” NOTE: If you receive this message it could also be due to an insufficient password that was entered in step 13. The app will still try to connect the device even with an incorrect password. You will not receive an "incorrect" password notification. Exit out of the screen by clicking the "X" in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on "add device" again and enter the correct password".

If the error message continues you will need to do the following steps to verify that your password is correct.

1) Go to your Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone

2) Find your network name for the router

3) Tap on "forget this device"

4) Tap on your network name under "NETWORKS"

5) Enter your password to reestablish the network

6) Try adding the device (Smart Light) again through the Life-Bulb app


 LIGHT WILL NOT TURN ON WITH THE POWER SWITCH - If you previously used your remote to turn off the light you will need to turn the light back on with the remote before you can use the on/off switch to sync the light.

NOTE: We recommend using the app to control the light verses the remote. Wi-Fi is a more reliable signal than the RF technology used by the remote.



You can set days and times for your light to turn ON and OFF. To schedule the light follow the instructions below.

STEP 1 Tap the "schedule" icon in the lower right 

STEP 2 Tap on "Schedule"

STEP 3 Tap "Add"

STEP 4 Select the time you want the light to come on. Select the day(s) you want the light to come on

STEP 5 Tap "Switch" and select "Turn on"

STEP 6 Tap "Save" in the upper right corner

STEP 7 Tap "Add" at the bottom and go through the same process to select the time you want the light to turn off. Tap "switch" and select "Turn off". Tap "Save"

NOTE: If you want to receive alerts on your phone when the light turns ON and OFF you can turn on "Notifications"


Scan one of the QR codes below with your smart phone camera to download the 3rd party Smart Life app, follow the instructions to activate the app to control your light with Alexa or Google Home.



Batteries NOT included. Uses (2) AAA batteries

NOTE: Batteries have a lifespan and we cannot control how long our product will sit in inventory at Amazon. Therefore, we did not want a customer to receive a new product with a dead battery.