Troubleshooting tips for the most common issues


Issue 1: Light doesn't turn on

Reason 1: Incorrect bulb voltage

We sell two voltages of pool lights, a 12V and a 120V

If you have a 120V system and install a 12V light bulb, the light bulb will blow out when the power switch is turned on. Most pools in the United States are 120V. Sometimes people buy the 12V bulb to save on energy costs, but don't realize that in order to use a 12V bulb in their 120V system, a step-down transformer must be installed. 

If you have a 12V system and install a 120V light, the light bulb will be dim, flicker or may not illuminate at all when the power is turned on.

If you determine you have bought the wrong voltage bulb or you need to return the light for any reason, you can send the light back to Amazon within 30 days. If 30 days have passed, please go to to view the easiest and best return/exchange method.


 Reason 2: Water in light fixture

The pool light fixture was not sealed properly and water leaked inside. This causes the light bulb to short out and the GFCI and/or circuit breaker to trip. For a tight seal, we recommend replacing the light fixture gasket when you change your light. Old gaskets can become dirty, brittle and develop small cracks which can cause water to seep into the fixture and short out the bulb. 

Turn OFF the power to the light and remove the light fixture from the pool. Open the fixture and inspect the inside for signs of water. If you find water in the fixture, dry it out and dry off the light. With the fixture on the pool’s surface, screw in the light bulb and turn the power back on. Be sure to reset the GFCI and/or circuit breaker if it tripped. If the light works properly, seal your fixture and reinstall it underwater.

If the light still does not turn on there may be an issue with the fixture itself. Turn the power to the light off and with the pool’s fixture on the surface, Screw a standard household 110V bulb (any wattage over 40W is fine) into the fixture, turn the power back on. The bulb should light to normal brightness without flickering. If the bulb does not illuminate properly you will need to contact an electrician to determine why the fixture is not receiving the proper voltage (if any)

If the 110V bulb lights properly then your fixture is sending the proper voltage to operate the pool light and the issue may be with the 120V pool light. You can test the light by following the below instructions.

DO NOT perform this test if you have a 12V light. It will blow out immediately. 


NOTE: If water was present in the pool fixture be sure to check the light itself. If there is water inside the light, this test should NOT be performed when electricity is involved. 

If no water is present inside the light, dry the outside of the light off and screw it into a standard household lamp or socket and turn the light switch on. If the light comes on, use the remote to cycle through and check the color modes. If everything seems to be working properly, install the light into your pool fixture and test it one more time on the pool surface before sealing your fixture and installing it underwater. If the light does not function properly in a standard household lamp or socket then it will need to be replaced. Please click here to fill out the warranty claim form to receive a replacement light.


Reason 3: The light is not making contact with the base of the fixture

If the light is not screwed down tight enough to make contact at the base of the fixture it will not receive power. This can happen if the light is a tight fit in the fixture. Remove the fixture from the pool or spa. Open the fixture and try giving the light a little extra turn to see if this resolves the issue. NOTE: test the light on the surface to see if it comes on before sealing the fixture and submerging. 


Issue 2: Remote is not changing color modes or working properly

If your remote is not changing the colors modes on your light click here for remote control troubleshooting tips.


Issue 3: Light is stuck/flashing on red (for our screw in bulbs and standard wall mount pool light. For troubleshooting our SMART lights click HERE

If you have our screw in bulbs or our standard wall mount light and you notice that your light has changed to solid red or is flashing red and will not change to any other color you will need to reset your light using the power source that controls the light, such as a wall switch (not the remote control). If you do not have a wall switch you may have to use the breaker that supplies power to the light to reset it.



- Turn the light on for at least 30 seconds

- Turn the light OFF for 5 seconds

- Turn the light ON for 2 seconds

- Turn the light OFF for 5 seconds

- Turn the light ON for 2 seconds

- Repeat


Continue to turn the light OFF and ON until you see the colors change. This process may take up to 10 or more times before the light resets. Once you are no longer on RED, leave the light on for a few minutes. This will program and set the color for the next time the light is turned on.