Removing the existing eyeball and adapter

1. Unscrew and remove the eyeball fitting. Some fittings will have an easy way to grab it and turn. Other fittings will require the use of a pliers or other tool.

2. Unscrew the eyeball seat using an eyeball seat removal tool, the plastic end of a screw driver or another tool. There are many useful videos on youtube with different methods for removing these. Note: some eyeball fittings have small threaded clips holding them in place. These can usually be removed with your fingers or a pliers.

3. You should now see a 1 ½ inch threaded (inside) fitting like below. Note: if your pool fitting is not the standard 1 ½ inch threaded fitting, you will need to buy an adapter to fit our 1 ½ inch plug.

Note: all pools are different, so if your adapter is much different than this, please try a google search to find information on removing your specific adapter.