Installation Instructions for Ionizer Buddy

Preparing your pool

Step 1: Prepare your pool return line fitting - Choose the return line that is in the sunniest section of the pool. Then, remove the existing fitting (tips here) so that you are left with a 1 1/2 inch (female) threaded opening.

Step 2: Screw the included 1 1/2 inch plastic adapter into your pool return line opening. (note: if your pool return line opening is not 1-1/2 inch you will need to buy an adapter to fit this size at a home improvement or plumbing supply store)

Assembling the ionizer buddy kit

Step 3: Stretch the Buddy Band around the outside of the solar pool ionizer. Make sure that the buddy band is on securely so it will not fall off but also so that it covers any seam on your ionizer. This adds additional protection from the seal getting damaged.

Step 4: Insert one end of the blue tubing into the bottom of the ionizer buddy cylinder. Only insert the tubing about 1/2 inch. Do not glue it in place. It should insert tightly and hold in place on its own.

Step 5: Place the ionizer buddy cylinder underneath the solar pool ionizer and around the copper and basket. While making sure the top of the cylinder is touching the bottom of the solar pool ionizer, simply slide the small yellow silicone fastener band into the two slots in the cylinder. This should keep the cylinder secured to your ionizer basket. note: it is OK if the cylinder hangs down slightly from the bottom of the ionizer.

Step 6: With the ionizer floating evenly on the water, insert the loose end of the blue tubing into the hole in the plastic adapter you installed in step 2.

Important: after installation, adjust the tubing (by twisting it slightly from the end going into the return line) so that the solar pool ionizer floats level in the pool. You do not want the tubing to pull on the ionizer in a way that causes it to be angled or not level on the surface of your water. Also, as the tubing softens, it will further increase the levelness of the solar pool ionizer.