Most common issues reported when the LED Pool Light is not working:

Issue 1: The light turns on, but it flickers or stays on one color.

Most common reasons:

1. You have a 12V pool light system. This is very common as it is sometimes hard to determine if the system is 12V or 120V. When installing this 120V light in a 12V system, it will usually turn on, but will flicker and act strange. The best way to test whether this is the case is to check the old bulb for voltage markings. Another way is to screw in a standard household 110-120V light bulb into your pool lighting niche (while it is out of the pool). If the light does not stay on properly, your system is most likely 12V.

What should I do?: send us an email ( letting us know that you bought the wrong light.

2. Water seeped into the light niche. This is also very common. If the light worked properly before sealing it and replacing it back into the pool but now is flickering or simply no longer works, it is almost always the case that water got in and is shorting out the bulb. 

What should I do?: Remove the light niche from the pool and unscrew the light. Dry out the niche. The LED pool light might not be damaged. To check, screw it into another light socket (outside of the pool) and test the function. If the light still works fine, re-install the light in your pool light niche. Be sure to follow the installation instructions exactly AND if you didn't buy a new gasket initially, please buy another gasket because this is why it leaked. Be sure that when you tighten the glass onto the gasket that it is sealed properly. If the light was damaged and no longer works, send us an email ( letting us know.

Issue 2: The light arrived damaged and does not work

Most common reasons:

1. You received a defective light. This doesn't happen often, but it can happen as components get damaged via shipping, etc.. 

What should I do?: send us an email ( letting us know that your light is defective, we will have amazon expedite a new light to you right away.

IMPORTANT: If you bought the wrong type of light or the light has an issue, please contact us before returning to Amazon. In pretty much every case, we can solve the issue for you. Our contact email is:

Contact us if you have any questions:

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