Ionizer Buddy

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Ionizer Buddy

The patent-pending Ionizer Buddy is a must have accessory for your Solar Pool Ionizer. It is designed to fit all known models of Solar Pool Ionizers. Since this is a soft launch of this new product, we would appreciate your feedback. Please contact us if you'd like to share your experience with the ionizer buddy. We will make it worth your while!


Benefits include:

  Maintains ionizer position (sunniest location in pool)

  Speeds up ion disbursement using your existing water flow (this benefit requires daytime running of pump - recommended)

  Protects your pool ionizer from cracking or the seal breaking when wind causes it to hit the side of the pool. Also prevents scuffs and scratches to the side of the pool.

  Adds an added level of protection against copper fragments falling to the pool floor which could cause stains.

Installation instructions